Elizabeth Ruzzo, PhD. Founder and CEO of adyn
Author, CEO and Founder of adyn
Elizabeth Ruzzo, PhD

[Content warning: suicidal thoughts]

An open letter to the community:


I remember the first time I struggled with choosing the right . I was 18 years old and taking Accutane in combination with The Pill for bad acne. The doctors warned me I might feel depressed on Accutane, but I was determined to get through that 6 month period so I could finally be acne free.

I trudged through it because I felt like I didn’t have any other good options.

The second time I got on , I became severely depressed and started having suicidal thoughts.

When I told my doctors about this, I was challenged with medical gaslighting. They told me there was no way my could be causing my depression. But taking that was the only big thing that had changed in my life. My gut told me that was the real cause, even if my doctors didn’t believe me.

So I got off again, and my depression lifted within a few weeks. It turned out I was right.

And I started talking about it with my friends, too. Some of them were able to get rid of their acne just through . Others had horrible side effects or depression from taking the exact same pills their friends loved.

It got me thinking: what exactly is going on here? Why do some birth control pills work so well for some people, while they are torture for other people?

Fast forward 10 years, I completed my PhD in genetics and genomics and conducted in-depth research on how biology and genetic markers predict response to medication. I’ve seen how studies biased towards males and individuals of European ancestry have repeatedly hurt our ability to develop inclusive diagnostics and treatments to help everybody.

Why do some birth control pills work so well for some people, while they are torture for other people?

The more I recognized knowledge and treatment inequity, the more I became determined to help close these gaps and deliver a new standard of care.

Closing these gaps starts with . Every individual is born with unique genetic s, and a unique hormonal profile that changes throughout our lives. That means that birth control is never a one-size-fits-all.

At adyn, we help you understand your unique biology to find the best for your body. No one should spend years suffering through trial and error the way I did, to find that works.

Through rigorous research and tested scientific methods, my goal is to not only create a better experience for everyone, but to help advance science for all. The Birth Control Test is a tool that I hope changes the standard of care for how people select , and spares people from the unnecessary pain of trial and error.

I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for joining me on adyn’s mission to make scientific discovery more inclusive.

Here’s to the future,

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Elizabeth Ruzzo, PhD
Founder / CEO, adyn


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