The Birth Control Test – Gift Edition

Gift freedom from birth control side effects

Give your loved one an evidence‑based method for selecting birth control. This at‑home test includes:

  • Genetic and hormone analysis
  • Risk assessment for side effects (e.g. acne and blood clots)
  • Medically actionable results
  • A 25‑minute healthcare visit
  • Information on all birth control methods
  • Collection materials and live support
  • Access to nearly 200 birth control options
  • Appropriate for teens and adults


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Reasons to gift The Birth Control Test

7 in 10 teens take to manage menstrual symptoms like PMS and acne

The Birth Control Test helps parents help teens.

“Unfortunately, my daughters inherited my issues with bleeding and cysts…. So for me, now is healthcare for my children.”

– Abbie, CA


2% vs. 25%

Pharmaceutical companies reinvest only ~2% of revenue into research and development compared to ~25% for other drugs.

This = zero innovation for the hundreds of millions of women using this medicine everyday.


34% of women believe is essential to achieving sexual pleasure

Giving The Birth Control Test leads to a better time in bed.

Sharing the contraceptive burden and saving your partner from occasionally life-threatening side effects is 100% sexy.

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adyn aims to do everything it can to weed out what’s not right for your body and eliminate so much of that uncertainty.

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If you would like your child to try The Birth Control Test, you can purchase one for them as a gift.

Once you’ve purchased the gift for your child, they will receive an email with a unique 100% off promo code. They should then purchase The Birth Control Test for themselves with that promo code and their information.

After either of you go through checkout, you can request a guardian consent form by emailing [email protected].

The Birth Control Test is an at-home experience designed to inform selection and prevent side effects.

To do this, we use your saliva to analyze your 🧬and a blood sample (from a finger prick) is used to measure your current levels for 6 key s🩸.

We process genetic and samples at CLIA certified labs. The laboratory techniques we utilize are well established and widely adopted. In order to make scientifically accurate recommendations for based on an individual’s biology, we identified and leveraged over 50 peer-reviewed research studies that met our scientific and statistical standards. Included with The Birth Control Test is a virtual care visit for you to talk through your results and options with licensed medical providers trained in contraceptive counseling.

This depends on a variety of factors! Typically your results will be available 2-6 weeks after we have received your valid samples. Here is the journey your Birth Control Test will go on (this can vary):

  1. Collection kit arrives within 2-7 days of setting up your account.
  2. You collect and return your samples to the lab. This timeline varies based on you and your menstrual cycle (your hormone🩸sample needs to be collected on day 3 of your cycle).
  3. The CLIA-certified lab generates your data and your results are analyzed and ready in 2-6 weeks (average 3 weeks).
  4. Then you can book your 25-minute virtual care visit with a medical provider to review your results and get a prescription for your chosen method.

Our recommendations include all highly effective methods. Highly effective options include all IUDs, the pill, shot, ring, implant, and patch.

Your Birth Control Test Results will also provide information about specific formulations.

You can read more about highly effective on our blog!

Yes! The Birth Control Test will still be accurate if you use the test while on . As long as you’ve told us your current method in your Medical Biography, we can get the readings we need from your sample and take everything into consideration.

You can always retest your hormones throughout your life both on and off . In fact, given that your hormones change throughout the course of your life, we recommend testing your levels more than once.

We accept HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) payments.

HSA/FSA payments are generally applicable only for medical expenses for yourself, a spouse, or eligible dependents. As a result, if you are gifting The Birth Control Test to someone who falls outside of these parameters, check to ensure you can claim reimbursement.

Our SIG-IS number is 86000949230. SIG-IS is a non-profit organization that was formed to establish and manage an industry standard to support requirements published by the IRS for the processing of FSA and HRA debit card transactions.