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adyn is on a mission to make scientific discovery more inclusive.

monadiki dynami

We are endlessly inspired by how everyone’s unique strength, experience, and biology shapes who they are. adyn was derived from the greek monadiki dynami which translates to “unique strength”.

Creating a new standard of care

At adyn we use big inclusive data sets to advance personalized medicine for historically under‑researched health conditions. My research experiences combined with my personal odyssey with birth control inspired adyn. Birth control is famous for providing freedom from unwanted pregnancy but it’s also the most common medicine used to manage reproductive disorders like Endometriosis. Adverse side effects should not interfere with my ability to conduct science or your ability to live your best life. Elizabeth Ruzzo, PhDFounder, CEO
This is a scientist

Meet our founder

Our founder, Elizabeth, has been captivated by understanding the genetic cause of human disease ever since she learned about DNA (shout-out to one of our heroes Rosalind Franklin who discovered the DNA double helix structure). Elizabeth received her PhD from Duke University in human genetics and genomics where she learned how to analyze big data with an emerging technology known as next-generation sequencing. She has discovered linkages (or connections) between over 36 genes and specific human diseases. During her Postdoctoral Fellowship at UCLA, she used machine learning to uncover 16 new autism genes, showing clear evidence of inherited risk for autism. She is personally driven to close race and gender  knowledge gaps that plague medical research.

Her awards include: Charles J. Epstein Trainee Awardee for Excellence in Human Genetics Research, Jo Rae Wright Fellowship for Outstanding Women in Science, Neurobehavioral Genetics Fellow, and Ray J. Tysor Graduate Fellowship awardee, Rock Health’s 2021 Top 50 in Digital Health

20+ peer-reviewed publications can be found in journals such as: AJHG, Cell, Neuron, and Nature.