Frequently Asked Questions

  • You use or are interested in using
  • You’re over 18 years of age (or have guardian consent)
  • You’re located in the U.S. (excluding NY, NJ, RI)


If you nodded your head at all three, then yes! Whether you are starting for the first time, are already on but want to explore other methods, or want to learn more about your unique body—adyn can help.

We currently offer our services in the U.S. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot ship to NY, NJ, or RI.

How thoughtful of you! Yes, you can purchase The Birth Control Test as a gift.

Yes and no. You are welcome to send in your (saliva) sample at any time.

We ask that you wait until your menstrual cycle returns after pregnancy to take your (blood) sample so that we can provide more accurate results.

Yes! We are proud to be able to offer our services to users under 18 with guardian consent. Please email us at [email protected] to request a consent form.

We know it can be awkward to talk to your parents/children about . If you would like help facilitating that conversation please let us know - we will do our best to help.

If you would like your child to try The Birth Control Test, you can purchase one for them as a gift.

Once you’ve purchased the gift for your child, they will receive an email with a unique 100% off promo code. They should then purchase The Birth Control Test for themselves with that promo code and their information.

After either of you go through checkout, you can request a guardian consent form by emailing [email protected].

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to accept insurance for The Birth Control Test. We are working hard to make this possible. Making The Birth Control Test affordable and accessible is our top priority!

If you plan to use insurance for your prescription, we recommend checking with your insurance provider about which methods they cover for reimbursement.

We do accept HSA/FSA.

We accept HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) payments.

HSA/FSA payments are generally applicable only for medical expenses for yourself, a spouse, or eligible dependents. As a result, if you are gifting The Birth Control Test to someone who falls outside of these parameters, check to ensure you can claim reimbursement.

The Birth Control Test is not just for women. We offer gender affirming contraceptive counseling. This is one of the many reasons  we do not call ourselves a women’s health company.

We commit to being as inclusive as we can for our diverse community. This means:

  • Using your pronouns
  • Believing your experiences
  • Screening and training culturally competent providers
  • Continual learning and growth

If you want to talk with us about language, inclusivity, affirming care, or how we can best serve our community, please email us at [email protected]. You know you best, and we want to get to know you better.

The Birth Control Test is an at-home experience designed to inform selection. Our goal is to minimize side effect risk for all users by putting actionable information in their hands. More broadly, our mission is to make scientific discovery more inclusive.

Our flagship product—The Birth Control Test—is the first and only test designed to prevent side effects. With nearly 200 products on the market in the US, each with their own side effect profile,  adyn uses an evidence-based approach to measure and analyze hormonal and genetic data. Combined with your medical history and personal preferences, we provide personalized recommendations for all highly effective methods. By informing yourself and your medical provider about your precise biology, goals, and preferences - you know you are making a smart choice.

Check your voter registration status.

Policies set by lawmakers affect where we live, eat, learn, and grow — in other words, election outcomes have a direct impact on our health. Voting matters. If you aren’t registered, REGISTER!  If you are, ask one other person if they are registered to vote.

The Birth Control Test is an at-home experience designed to inform selection and prevent side effects.

To do this, we use your saliva to analyze your 🧬and a blood sample (from a finger prick) is used to measure your current levels for 6 key s🩸.

We process genetic and samples at CLIA certified labs. The laboratory techniques we utilize are well established and widely adopted. In order to make scientifically accurate recommendations for based on an individual’s biology, we identified and leveraged over 50 peer-reviewed research studies that met our scientific and statistical standards. Included with The Birth Control Test is a virtual care visit for you to talk through your results and options with licensed medical providers trained in contraceptive counseling.

Our recommendations include all highly effective methods. Highly effective options include all IUDs, the pill, shot, ring, implant, and patch.

Your Birth Control Test Results will also provide information about specific formulations.

You can read more about highly effective on our blog!

Yes! The Birth Control Test will still be accurate if you use the test while on . As long as you’ve told us your current method in your Medical Biography, we can get the readings we need from your sample and take everything into consideration.

You can always retest your hormones throughout your life both on and off . In fact, given that your hormones change throughout the course of your life, we recommend testing your levels more than once.

No, you do not! As long as you’ve told us which method you use, we can get the readings we need from your sample. You can always retest your hormones throughout your life both on and off .

This can depend on your menstrual cycle!

Once The Birth Control Test arrives at your door, the samples are collected on the third day of your cycle. After the samples arrive at the labs, they are analyzed and your personalized results are generated. Once you have your results, you will schedule a visit with your virtual care provider to choose a method. Birth control is delivered to you in ~48 hours.

No, we’re working on it! In the meantime, we can hop on a call and do it together!

(🍋 AKA 🩸Prick Party 🎉 We celebrate you taking charge of your choice!)

If you’re still hesitating, here’s a motivational code (BBRAVE75) to use at checkout for $75 off The Birth Control Test.

Check out our Collection Support Page to schedule a Prick Party with us, get answers to all of your questions, and even find the perfect playlist to pump you up.

If you have more questions, want to talk to someone, or need help figuring out your Day 3 email [email protected].

We know that not everyone who needs can afford The Birth Control Test right now.

While we are working on making our services more accessible, we do offer The Birth Control Test on a sliding scale for those who meet the eligibility requirements for adyn’s services.

Birth control is life changing. We will do our absolute best to help.

Apply here.

Included in the cost of The Birth Control Test is access to a physician who orders your test, reviews your results, and will meet with you to review your goals, preferences, and choices. These providers are expert in contraceptive counseling and culturally competent care.  We recommend using this service whether or not you have a great doctor of your own.

If you are lucky enough to have a doctor you trust and plan to share your test results with them please have their office contact us at [email protected]. While we won't share your results with anyone, we are happy to send a brief introduction to the test ahead of your visit so they can learn (almost) as much as you will!

If after reviewing your results, you and your provider decide that an IUD or implant is a good option for you, your telemedicine provider can provide recommendations for locating an in-person provider to insert your chosen method.

The packaging for our Birth Control Test is adyn branded. Prescriptions filled through adyn will be delivered in discreet packaging for your privacy.

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