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  • You’re located in the U.S. (excluding NY, NJ, RI)
  • You’re over 18 years of age
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If you nodded your head at all three, then yes! Whether you are starting for the first time, are already on but want to explore other methods, or just want to learn more about your unique body—adyn can help.

We currently offer our services in the U.S. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot ship to NY, NJ, or RI.

Unlike other online providers which typically use a questionnaire to prescribe a method, adyn uses an evidence-based Birth Control Test that measures hormonal and genetic data to recommend the best methods for your unique body. We provide you with all the data and support you need to make an informed decision together with your telemedicine provider.

We ask that you wait until your cycle returns after pregnancy to take your (blood) sample so that we can give you the most accurate results we can.

If you already have your Birth Control Test you are welcome to send in your (saliva) sample at any time. We will process and hold onto your data until you mail in your sample and we can generate your Report.

Absolutely! Not only can adyn recommend the best methods for you, The Birth Control Test can provide insight into your genetic makeup and hormonal health.  Given that your hormones change throughout the course of your life, adyn recommends testing your levels as often as every 3 months.

Hormones aren’t just about fertility or . Hormones are molecules produced by the endocrine system that send messages to regulate many different bodily functions (e.g., hunger, blood pressure, sleep, energy levels, menstruation, , mood, metabolism). You might be aware that measuring your hormones can reveal extreme hormonal imbalances (e.g., diabetes, PCOS, or thyroid disorder), but it can also detect more subtle shifts away from your optimal range. We believe that having precise data about your biology allows you to make proactive decisions for your long-term health.

adyn can accept HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) payments. Check with your insurance provider or HSA/FSA administrator to confirm your plan’s coverage. A letter of medical necessity may be required. When you purchase The Birth Control Test, we will send you an itemized receipt that you can submit to your HSA/FSA administrator for reimbursement. If you need additional help, you can always email [email protected].

HSA/FSA payments are generally applicable only for medical expenses for yourself, a spouse, or eligible dependents. As a result, if you are gifting a Birth Control Test to someone who falls outside of these parameters, you likely will not be able to claim reimbursement.

We are working hard to accept insurance. Making The Birth Control Test affordable and accessible is our top priority!

If something is broken or otherwise concerning about your Birth Control Test, please contact us at [email protected].

The Birth Control Test is not just for women. We offer gender-affirming contraceptive counseling. This is one of the many reasons we do not call ourselves a women’s health company.


We commit to being as inclusive as we can for our diverse community. This means:

  • Using your pronouns
  • Working with culturally-competent care providers so LGBTQ+ patients don’t have to educate their provider on their own care
  • Believing the experiences of our LGBTQ+ community members, and honoring the way they ask to be treated
  • Working with partners within the LGBTQ+ community and engaging in continual conversation and learning in order to grow and serve our community better


If you want to talk with us about language, inclusivity, affirming care, or how we can best serve our community, please email us at [email protected] We invite conversations and learning opportunities. You know you best, and we want to get to know you better.

Yes! The Birth Control Test will still be accurate if you use the test while on . As long as you’ve told us your current method in your Medical Biography, we can get the readings we need from your sample and take everything into consideration.

You can always retest your hormones throughout your life both on and off . In fact, given that your hormones change throughout the course of your life, we recommend testing your levels more than once.

Our recommendations include all highly effective methods. Highly effective options include all IUDS, the pill, shot, ring, implant and patch.

Your saliva is used to access your 🧬, and through that - your genetic data. The blood sample resulting from your finger prick is used to access and measure your s🩸.

Hormone levels in saliva are untested as clinical measures of a person's response to hormone therapy or indications of endocrine problems. Moreover, levels in saliva are highly variable and may not reflect the same levels in blood. Thus, while saliva tests have logistical advantages, the scientific literature has not demonstrated that they are appropriate for monitoring a person's levels, and it would be scientifically irresponsible to rely on this method of measurement.

While we’d love to provide a way to measure your hormones that didn’t involve a finger prick, blood is the most accurate way to measure levels.

Use the 12 digit activation code on the little green “RSVP” card inside your “Prick Party” invitation to activate your test at

A Prick Party is a virtual celebration of this next step on your and a chance to collect your samples with our support.

Whether you have questions about the process, hate the idea of pricking yourself, are squeamish at the sight of blood, or just want to make sure you get a perfect sample, we can’t wait to see you! ! Bring your Birth Control Test. Bring a friend. Join the party!

Note: if you want to collect your sample during the Prick Party make sure to schedule it on the 3rd day of your cycle!

No! While saliva tests have logistical advantages, the scientific literature has not demonstrated that they are appropriate for monitoring a person's reproductive levels, and it would be scientifically irresponsible to rely on this method of measurement.

Your levels fluctuate throughout your cycle. In other words, levels on different days can be very different. When your provider interprets your levels, they do so in comparison to expected levels for day 3. Day 3 in particular was selected as the first few days of each cycle are key for coordinating ovarian production and ovulation. So measuring on day 3 provides a stable context for interpreting the levels. For these reasons, and for consistency between tests, sample collections are done on day 3 (if possible).

When you first start bleeding for your period, mark that as Day 1. (Note: does not count as the first day. The first day of your period is the first day that you experience your full flow). Take your blood sample on the 3rd day of your period. If you don’t get a period, you can take the test at any time.

If you don’t get a period, you can collect your sample (finger prick) at any time!

You can take the sample (saliva) without any issue, as it will not be affected by an infection or vaccine response.

For the sample (blood), you should wait until any illness or vaccine response subsides completely. If you experienced any cycle disruption, you should wait 1-2 normal cycles before checking. Any kind of stress can disrupt cycles, and people with have a broad spectrum of susceptibility to cycle disruption.

Check out our Collection Support Page to schedule a Prick Party with us, get answers to all of your questions, and even find the perfect playlist to pump you up.

Our recommendations include all highly effective methods. Highly effective options include all IUDS, the pill, shot, ring, implant and patch.

Your test results will provide you with insight into your unique body. Your telemedicine provider is here to help you read and understand the results of your Birth Control Test, which will include your genetic and test results. From there, your telemedicine provider can help you select the best for your body. We will be able to ship your prescription right to your door or provide recommendations for finding an in-person provider to insert a long-acting reversible contraceptive.

The current standard of care for selecting does not include any form of testing. Our approach relies on precision medicine that we expect will make both your and your doctor’s life easier. If your doctor wants to talk to us, they can contact us at [email protected] and we can set up a compliant video or voice call with them. We welcome healthcare professionals who would like to be a part of your adyn journey.

We are working on a provider solution. For now, your Birth Control Test is ordered by our telemedicine physicians after they have reviewed your medical biography.

We won’t share your results with anyone. However, you are welcome to share your results with anyone you would like, including your healthcare providers! If they have any questions about your Birth Control Test Report, they can email us at [email protected]

If after reviewing your results, you and your provider decide that an IUD or implant is a good option for you, your telemedicine provider can provide recommendations for locating an in-person provider to insert your chosen method.

If you would like to add emergency contraception to your next refill you can let us know when we contact you about your refill. If you have questions or concerns about emergency contraception you can set up an appointment with a telemedicine provider who can talk you through your options.

The packaging for our Birth Control Test is adyn branded. Prescriptions filled through adyn will be delivered in discreet packaging for your privacy.

We value your privacy and confidentiality above all else. That means we will never share your genetic information with third parties without your consent. We are HIPAA compliant and we will only submit your de-identified test data for mission-aligned scientific discovery if you opt-in as a research participant. Your medical information starts and ends with you.

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