The Birth Control Test

Choose your birth control with confidence. Eliminate unwanted side effects using your biology.


  • DNA and hormone analysis
  • Clinically accurate, medically actionable results
  • Personalized birth control recommendations
  • Access to nearly 200 highly effective birth control options
  • Contraceptive counseling visit (video‑based)
  • At‑home collection materials


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Find your best birth control


Collect samples and share health goals

Step 3: Receive personalized test results

Receive personalized test results


Choose with a licensed medical provider


Birth control prescription arrives within 24-48 hours*

The new standard of care is data‑driven

adyn’s precision medicine approach includes:


Analysis of six key levels and their potential impact on your health and options
| | | | |

Genetic risk

How your s may contribute to your personal risk for the most dangerous side effects: blood clots and depression

Medical history

Information about how past experiences with , current prescriptions, or known diagnoses might impact future choice

Personal goals & preferences

Whether you're trying to manage your period, treat acne, or simply find a low-maintenance method, your goals drive decision making

The new standard of care is a better deal

Over $1,000 in savings*

Dr. office adyn
Follows the CDC’s Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use
Laboratory results (CLIA/CAP accreditation) x
Visit with licensed providers, trained in contraceptive counseling 13 min 25 min
Inclusive, collaborative, and evidence-based care Rarely
Personalized treatment without side effects x
Seamless mail-order delivery of Rx Rarely
Saves time and travel expenses x
Fuels scientific discovery x
$1500 $369

*not to mention your time and peace of mind

"I love the whole concept start to finish! I feel like I have received customized medical care that I cannot receive in traditional medicine!"

Kate, New Mexico

“I like the overall experience and how even just doing it has empowered me to want to learn more about birth control. I wish this information was more readily available for people.”

Lily, Washington

“I like how unique this is in terms of its approach to giving you another tool to figure out what type of birth control is best for you. I wish I’d had this earlier in my life, like in my 20’s, when I was trying out a bunch of different birth control methods.”

Jen, Oklahoma

“I feel like the conversation with a doctor doesn't have a lot of clarity – like why is that the right choice for me, what are the benefits or what are the side effects. That conversation, at least in my case, did not happen. It was worth going through the [Birth Control] Test to pick the right one.”

Ani, Virginia

“I like how streamlined the process is, that there are no inefficiencies when it comes to data gathering via the questionnaire and survey, all the way to getting the package and performing and sending back – it is all fairly frictionless.”

Val, California

"This makes sense, why aren’t all doctors doing this."

Chelsea, Texas

"I found my experience with adyn to be incredibly empowering. I was able to make a more informed decision about my next birth control post-baby. After going through a pregnancy and IVF with lots of changing hormones along the way, it was liberating to understand where and how my body had changed and how to best find the right medication at this point in my life."

Alee, California


  • You use or are interested in using
  • You’re over 18 years of age (or have guardian consent)
  • You’re located in the U.S. (excluding NY, NJ, RI)


If you nodded your head at all three, then yes! Whether you are starting for the first time, are already on but want to explore other methods, or want to learn more about your unique body—adyn can help.

The Birth Control Test is an at-home experience designed to inform selection and prevent side effects.

To do this, we use your saliva to analyze your 🧬and a blood sample (from a finger prick) is used to measure your current levels for 6 key s🩸.

We process genetic and samples at CLIA certified labs. The laboratory techniques we utilize are well established and widely adopted. In order to make scientifically accurate recommendations for based on an individual’s biology, we identified and leveraged over 50 peer-reviewed research studies that met our scientific and statistical standards. Included with The Birth Control Test is a virtual care visit for you to talk through your results and options with licensed medical providers trained in contraceptive counseling.

This can depend on your menstrual cycle!

Once The Birth Control Test arrives at your door, the samples are collected on the third day of your cycle. After the samples arrive at the labs, they are analyzed and your personalized results are generated. Once you have your results, you will schedule a visit with your virtual care provider to choose a method. Birth control is delivered to you in ~48 hours.

Our recommendations include all highly effective methods. Highly effective options include all IUDs, the pill, shot, ring, implant, and patch.

Your Birth Control Test Results will also provide information about specific formulations.

You can read more about highly effective on our blog!

Yes! The Birth Control Test will still be accurate if you use the test while on . As long as you’ve told us your current method in your Medical Biography, we can get the readings we need from your sample and take everything into consideration.

You can always retest your hormones throughout your life both on and off . In fact, given that your hormones change throughout the course of your life, we recommend testing your levels more than once.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to accept insurance for The Birth Control Test. We are working hard to make this possible. Making The Birth Control Test affordable and accessible is our top priority!

If you plan to use insurance for your prescription, we recommend checking with your insurance provider about which methods they cover for reimbursement.

We do accept HSA/FSA.

We accept HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) payments.

HSA/FSA payments are generally applicable only for medical expenses for yourself, a spouse, or eligible dependents. As a result, if you are gifting The Birth Control Test to someone who falls outside of these parameters, check to ensure you can claim reimbursement.

Our SIG-IS number is 86000949230. SIG-IS is a non-profit organization that was formed to establish and manage an industry standard to support requirements published by the IRS for the processing of FSA and HRA debit card transactions.

How thoughtful of you! Yes, you can purchase The Birth Control Test as a gift.

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