Four young women casually smiling at camera
Three young women casually smiling at camera

Find the right birth control.

Knowing is better than guessing

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pie graph displaying 63% used
pie graph displaying 63%

63% of people stop taking the pill because of side effects

Trial and error should not be the norm.

Most birth control users try four or more methods before settling on one. Why so many? Because nobody wants to live with side effects. In fact, side effects are the #1 reason why people switch birth control methods.

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3 million genetic differences between any two humans

Your body has the answers.

By understanding your personal preferences AND your unique biology, we provide all the science and support you need to select birth control without side effects. Our process is precise and personalized.

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200 birth control options to choose from

Scientifically driven.
Medically actionable.
Just for you.

We designed The Birth Control Test to determine whether your genetic background and hormone levels raise your risk for certain side effects. With nearly 200 types of available birth control — you deserve precise information to make the best choice for your body.

How adyn Works

We use a precision medicine approach to partner with you at every step.

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Map your hormones over time

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Get your adyn test, and start owning your health

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