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Killer Periods

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Since I was 17 years old I’ve popped a little pill each day, blindly, because it’s what my ob-gyn prescribed to me when my mom came to the conclusion that my virginity would soon be lost. It’s crazy to think that for the past 10 years I’ve been putting something into my body that frequently, not knowing much more than “if I take this, I won’t get pregnant.” It wasn’t until 2020 (the worst year on record, likely, for us all) that I became hyper-aware of my depressive tendencies and decided it was time to poke around my rituals, routines, and habits to see if there were any external factors at play. You may have guessed it – I went off birth control for the first time in about a decade.

Let me tell you, it was an eye-opening experience and more complex than I imagined. On the bright side, my mind was a million times clearer and my moods were much more predictable and under control. Big win. But on the downside, my periods were KILLER – longer & bloodier than ever before – and my acne came in HOT, which is not ideal for anyone in their late 20s. I kind of had an aha moment where I realized “holy shit, this pill 1) plays a major part in my anxiety & depression, and 2) is hiding my body’s natural menstrual cycle & symptoms, and my genetic predisposition for acne.” So, for the past year and a half, I’ve been letting my body do its thing, constantly learning and discovering more about how it runs, what it needs, and who I am without that little pill (don’t worry, other precautions are being taken ;)).

In the end, I’m going to give myself and my body more space to get to know one another. But it’s pretty cool to know that when I’m ready, there’s a safe space and trustworthy technology through adyn to help me make an informed decision on my own terms.

How old were you the first time you went on birth control?

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