Jana, 33
I had never even heard the term "vaginal dryness" before but let me tell you, I got familiar with it REAL quick.
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My period has always been very consistent. When I first went on birth control (the pill), my periods became less predictable, which made me spiral about whether I was pregnant or not (I never was). When I brought this up to my doctor, she switched me to a different pill prescription. I had never even heard the term “vaginal dryness” before but let me tell you, I got familiar with it REAL quick. The sad thing is, I just put up with it. Sex was painful and unenjoyable. It was months before I called my doctor to tell her about my symptoms – and I don’t think I even knew the right words to describe my symptom properly. After hearing about several of my friends raving about their IUDs, I decided to explore that. I went for it and poof – the dryness was gone. 1000% due to that particular pill just not being compatible with my body, and I’m kicking myself for just accepting discomfort as the price to pay for preventing unwanted pregnancies. It doesn’t have to be that way!

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Vaginal dryness affects 13 to 30% of people with a vagina. The odds of experiencing it go up to 50% after menopause.

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