Gabby, 24
I have always felt in the dark about my choices.

I describe my birth control story as complicated because I have always felt in the dark about my choices. I started with the implant about six years ago and had the most unpredictable periods. I was bleeding for more weeks than I wasn’t. I was told this was normal and will regulate. I didn’t know any better so I stuck with it. Although the bleeding regulated a bit, it was still unpredictable and pretty miserable. As someone who has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, I have been working on my mental health my whole life. I am still in the trial period of figuring out if it was the implant that heightened my anxiety and depression or other factors. I stayed on the implant for six year. About a month ago I switched to the ring. Again, I didn’t know how it would affect me and I went in blindly. I have had headaches and nauseous so far as symptoms. Through my birth control experience, I have felt like trial and error with each method is the only way to find out what works best with my body. And that is honestly incredibly frustrating. I have put my body through a lot and am still not completely satisfied with my birth control.

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14% of people using the etonogestrel implant for up to two years reported mood swings and 7% reported depression.

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