The new standard of care for birth control prescribing

Providers report that The Birth Control Test informs prescription selection in 97% of visits


Our goal at adyn is to help you (help your patients) make the most informed birth control choice based on biological data, robust medical history, patient goals and preferences. The Birth Control Test puts medically actionable insights in your hands while reducing your workload.

The Birth Control Test provides:

  • Personalized evidence-based decision making for safe prescribing
  • Easy evaluation of nearly 200 prescription birth control options, factoring: drug formulation, price, efficacy, safety, patient preference, and treatment requirements
  • Structured patient health data (including contraindications, past adverse drug reactions, and reproductive health goals)
  • Lab work revealing genetic risk for adverse drug reactions such as blood clot and hormone levels to select a progesterone with the appropriate androgenic effects
  • Shared language for patient and provider to select the option most likely to improve patient health and adherence

“I feel like every patient on birth control needs this information and it’s not necessarily given to them.”

Bianca Lynch, APRN, MSN, FNP-C

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Our recommendations include all highly effective methods. Highly effective options include all IUDs, the pill, shot, ring, implant, and patch.

Your Birth Control Test Results will also provide information about specific formulations.

You can read more about highly effective on our blog!