Empowering Female Choices: Revolutionizing with adyn’s CEO Elizabeth Ruzzo

Premiered July 2023

adyn founder, Dr. Elizabeth Ruzzo, joins international fitness expert Sarah Louise Rector on Balancing More Than Just Weights. They talk science, research gaps, and how The Birth Control Test is revolutionizing selection and empowering women to take control of their reproductive health.

“I had encountered these two health inequalities that I really wanted to fix and see changed in the world. One was that in human genetics in particular, there’s a huge bias towards sequencing individuals of European descent which meant any time I went to do a study in a non-European , I didn’t have the same statistical power to even potentially make a discovery. The second was…it was impossible to ignore this large medical research that exists because women were not required to be included in clinical trials in the US until 1993.

I realized there was this huge void in terms of making a really outsized impact by simply focusing in areas that other people hadn’t focused on.

And so because of my own experience with , it was really an interesting starting point to think about leveraging these large scale datasets that I’d been working with, but applying it to helping people find the right .”

– Elizabeth Ruzzo, CEO + founder, adyn


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